EDGERTON, Kan. – Evan Spalding is among the homeowners who applied for the first ever EDGE Grant from ElevateEdgerton!  He requested funding to landscape the front of his home, including new bushes, decorative rock, lighting and a new front porch.

After months of work, the project was completed in early October. The front of his home looks refreshed and inviting now. “Thank you so much for this incentive grant,” he wrote in an email.

The EDGE Grants not only help homeowners, but also include a funding opportunity for local small businesses to help them grow.  Lewis Indoor Athletics took advantage of the small business expansion grant to purchase a new pitching machine.

“This grant enabled us to expand instruction options for our baseball and softball customers at our facility here in Edgerton,” said owners Travis Lewis and Josh Lewis. “Because of this, we are able to attract a whole new segment of customers to the Edgerton community”.

The EDGE Grant program awarded funding to 10 Edgerton homeowners, spurring approximately $29,000 in total improvement projects. All $5,000 earmarked for the program in 2022 was pledged within one month of announcing the grant opportunity.

“ElevateEdgerton! works hard to help grow our community in multiple ways” says ElevateEdgerton! President James Oltman. “This newly created program is just one way in which ElevateEdgerton! is investing private dollars directly in the future of Edgerton through community beautification and small business attraction/expansion efforts.”

The Residential and Commercial Beautification Grant awards 50% of the total project cost up to $500 for projects that improve the front exterior of a property.  The Small Business Attraction and Expansion grant provides a one-time reimbursable award of up to $2,500 to new start-ups or existing businesses that want to expand their services.

ElevateEdgerton! plans to offer another round of reimbursable grants in 2023.