April 13, 2023 (Edgerton, Kan.) –  ElevateEdgerton! has announced the renewal of the EDGE grant program for residents, property owners and small business owners within the City of Edgerton.  The Encouraging Development and Growth in Edgerton (EDGE) Grants are designed to support residential and commercial improvements and small business growth within Edgerton.

The program offers two options: The Residential and Commerical Beautification Grant and the Small Business Attraction and Expansion Grant.

The Residential and Commercial Beautification Grant provides financial assistance to homeowners, renters, small business owners and property owners located anywhere within Edgerton city limits. The reimbursable grants award 50% of the total project cost up to $500 for projects that improve the front exterior of properties in Edgerton.  Qualifying projects include landscaping, exterior painting, or façade improvements.

“We had a great response to this program in 2022 and we’re excited to be able to offer it again to the community,” says ElevateEdgerton! President James Oltman. “We saw some incredible beautification projects last year and hope we can build on the improvements we saw in the community in 2022.  While there is no deadline to apply, the funding will be available on a first come-first served basis. I encourage anyone who is considering an exterior improvement project to apply. ”

The Small Business Attraction and Expansion grants aim to help new businesses offset start-up expenses and to help existing small businesses expand their services. These grants will be available to potential new non-home based business owners (or home based day-care businesses) that are planning to locate within the city limits of Edgerton and any current non-home based small business owner in the City’s commercial districts. An exciting addition to this years program is the inclusion of business marketing costs as an eligible expense. The small business grants provide a one-time reimbursable award of up to $2,500.

“We saw some exciting business expansion projects last year that have enhanced the Edgerton business community,” says Oltman. “Being able to directly invest in the future of Edgerton and its growing small business community is something we are proud to be a part of.”

Full details and applications are available at this link or by calling Kara Banks, Marketing and Communications Manager at 913-882-2500.